For Applicants and Visitors

Hirata-Aono Laboratory is looking for graduate and postgraduate students who are interested in working together with us in the field of mechanical materials processing. Those who like to do experiments, and those who are broadly attracted to the field of materials science beyond the filed of mechanical enngineering, we are looking forward to meeting enthusiastic students.

If you are interested in our laboratory, please contact us.

For Undergraduate Cource Students

Eligibility: Undergraduate students who have earned the required credits in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Tokyo Tech School of Engineering (assignment slots depend on the year).
Please follow the announcement from the Mechanical Engineering Department for the process of assignment decision.
Laboratory tours are available at any time.

For Graduate School Applicants

Assignment to our laboratory in the graduate school follows the entrance examination for the Mechanical Engineering course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Please click here for information on admission to the Mechanical Engineering Course and information sessions.
Laboratory tours are available at any time.

How to Apply for a Laboratory Tour and Consultation

Individual tours and consultations are available upon request.
Zoom and e-mail consultations are also welcome.
We also provide consultation services to current students upon request.
Please fill out this Google Form to apply.