Laser Surface Modification of Wettability and Its Applications

Laser Surface Modification of Wettability and Its Applications

(Yuko AONO)

We propose a method to create localized differences in wettability by controlling the functional groups on the quartz surface with a laser. The advantages of this technique include almost no physical damage or optical alteration to the substrate surface, and high spatial selectivity and freedom by scanning the laser. Currently, we are working on the application of this modification technique to new types of channel devices and fabrication technologies.

Batch-Arrangement of droplets

By locally modifying the wettability, it is now possible to define the area of existence of droplets and arrange them in a desired shape in batches. This technique is expected to be used for nanoparticle alignment, surface microcellularity, and additional modeling techniques.

Droplets (aqueous glycerin solution) arranged in batches on quartz surface by dip coating method

Internal array/surface channel formation

When a droplet is poured between two modified quartz sheets, the liquid selectively flows through only the modified area. This can be applied to printable channel formation and internal processing technology by flowing hardening ink.

Liquid flowing between two quartz surfaces as drawn by laser